with a z    Artwork by Lezlie Kussin

Lezlie Kussin has been an artist for most of her life. She has shown her pieces in several galleries in the San Fernando Valley, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Ventura, Northern California, Israel and Belgium, and has been a featured artist in the Ventura Art Walk since 1999. Lezlie got her BFA from California College of the Arts in 1986 and her MA from California State University Northridge in 1995. She is an established multimedia artist and painter and also an art teacher to children and adults. Lezlie’s art has been written up in several local newspapers, including the LA Times, La Weekly, and The Daily News. She has won several awards for her pieces, including second place from the Golden State Sculpture’s Association in a 2000 exhibition in the Malibu Mountains. Her political sculptures are not only fun, creative and wonderful to look at, but they have a strong message to relay to the viewer. Lezlie educates her viewers on contemporary and important issues that are going on in the world around us.
Besides her political pieces, Lezlie’s works include acrylic/multimedia pieces, textiles, collage, found objects, personalized watercolour/collage paintings, and pieces made from recycled objects. Her focus is on texture, colour, and content and her pieces are often whimsical, meaningful, provocative and fun.
Lezlie has lived and traveled throughout California all her life, and her new series, “California Soul” focuses on her love for her home state. The pieces in “California Soul” are one of a kind, textured acrylic paintings, as well as multi media textile pieces.